KakaoTalk to finally implement 'delete sent message'

Source: Yeonhap via Nate

1. [+3457, -30] This is a feature that was really needed ㅠㅠ

2. [+3030, -31] We really need this feature.

3. [+2919, -32] It's good to have a delete feature.

4. [+235, -2] It's useless if the person already read my message in a pop-up notification.

5. [+196, -4] But a lot of people leave the messages unread on purpose ㅋㅋ Don't a lot of people read the messages in notifications? It would be funny if the person already read my message in a notification but it turns out to be deleted later.

6. [+182, -4] Can they also stop the feature where people can add me as a friend as long as they have my phone number? They need to implement a friend request feature.

7. [+160, -2] What's more needed is a feature that doesn't let non-friends see my profile.

8. [+141, -6] Can they also make a feature to delete a friend? We can only hide or block a friend, it's ambiguous.

9. [+121, -1] Katalk needs to step up. Other messangers already have a delete feature, temporary-photo picture, translator feature, and etc. Katalk only has useless features since they're busy selling their emoticons.

10. [+112, -0] Please make an invitation request feature when I get added to a group chat!