SHINee's peak vs 2PM's peak

Pann: SHINee's peak vs 2PM's peak

1. [+249, -22] SHINee and 2PM were similar but 2PM skyrocketed with Again & Again and reached the top of the music industry. The idol market used to be full of pretty boys who had no shoulders but 2PM brought the trend of beast-dols. 2009 was the year of 2PM. Their peak lasted short but their popularity was amazing. At my school, my friends would watch Wild Bunny and talk about 2PM all the time. Youtube wasn't popular in Korea at that time so the views weren't important.

2. [+128, -5] SHINee's popularity wasn't enough to be sensational but they were always pretty popular. 2PM's peak was short but they were sensational. It's like 2PM reached the top and then disappeared. Those who went to school in 2009~2010 would know. Chocolate abs were a trend. At gayo daejun, SNSD represented female idols and 2PM represented male idols. MBC gayo daejun was 2PM's party.

3. [+79, -12] SHINee was also popular but I could feel 2PM's popularity.

4. [+75, -146] Before BTS's DNA, SHINee's Lucifer was the most popular song of K-pop boy groups. It reached 10M views in the shortest time for K-pop boy groups.

5. [+72, -3] From what I've felt, it's 2PM for peaking and SHINee for being on a long-run. 2PM's peak was outstanding. They were the first group to bring beast-dol concept. I think their highest peak was Heartbeat. Their clothes-ripping performance and human castle were so shocking. I didn't find them charming because I was young at that time but If I saw them at my current age, I would've liked them a lot.
6. [+69, -14] Debuted in 2008. I was in high school and I was really interested in idols. In my opinion, it's 2PM. SHINee is on a long-run but 2PM's peak was bigger.

7. [+67, -1] Bigbang's manager told Bigbang members to be aware of 2PM ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Again & Again, I Hate You, reality show Wild Bunny... They were very popular by the public. After Jay Park left, Heartbeat also hit daebak but their popularity shrank afterwards. 2009 was 2PM's year, they were a syndrome.

8. [+60, -5] I don't know how idol fans would see this but as someone who's not interested in idols, 2PM had a bigger impact. They created the 'beast-dol' word and they were so popular. Their popularity died after Jay Park left. It might not be true for their fans but for the public, they faded away after that.

9. [+48, -2] SHINee was constantly popular whereas 2PM was explosively popular for a short time. Isn't this a fact? Honestly, there isn't a woman who didn't like 2PM during Heartbeat. Their beast concept was so popular, even a new group named Beast debuted.

10. [+46, -7] 2PM's peak was short but they reached the top. SHINee might not have reached the top but they're on a long-run for 10 years with decent popularity.