Should BTS be exempt from the military service like Son Heung Min?

Source: Choson Ilbo via Naver

1. [+17870, -2014] Celebrities can easily have a comeback after a 21-month hiatus. But if sports stars take a 21-month hiatus, it's hard for them to recover their sports skills. Also, their competitors might take their spots during the hiatus.

2. [+12275, -1473] Go to bed instead of writing a stupid article like this ㅋㅋㅋ Stop reaching, you think Son Heung Min and BTS are the same? What did BTS do for the nation?

3. [+6663, -249] Why is this mentioning Son Heung Min? Son Heung Min didn't get exempt because he's Son Heung Min, he's exempt because he won a gold medal.

4. [+5693, -192] BTS is a business form for personal profits but sports is a category that represents Korea. What is this crap?

5. [+5712, -220] PSY: I enlisted twice.

6. [+2668, -61] BTS did enhance national prestige in some ways, but they're commercial singers. Their only purpose is business profits, not national profits. If you think BTS is bringing foreign currencies, then what about the workers of major companies that do a lot of exports? Stop talking nonsense. Hallyu was already established and BTS is doing well, don't interrupt BTS like this.

7. [+1885, -52] Son Heung Min is a national player who gets paid by the nation. BTS is artists who get paid by their private enterprise.

8. [+1658, -57] I'm a guy and I like BTS, but this isn't right ㅋㅋ Sports players and singers are different. If BTS get exempt, then what about other singers? What should be the criteria for military service exemption? Charting on the billboard? That doesn't make sense because the billboard chart might be influential but it's still an American chart whereas the Asian Games and the Olympics are global competitions.